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Why can't I install any software myself?
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Most users in the TKASA Network do not have administrative rights and therefore cannot install software. We do this for security and to control what software is running on our PCs for licencing purposes. It's not personal, honest!

You can of course raise a ticket to get software installed. If we have a valid licence for your PC/laptop this process is usually simple and many installs can be done remotely. If we do not have a licence, a software purchase is involved or we do not use this software currently you will need to fill out a Software Request for Approval form available here

*** Please note that installs of new software could take time as we need to find an appropriate method of installation, test the software on our PCs and trial for functionality. ***

Is there any Software Library I can install approved software from?

There is a limited amount of optional software available in the SCCM Software Center Applications Catalog. To install software via this method instead follow these instructions.

Firstly, you will need to be logged onto the PC/laptop you want the software on.

Use the desktop link called "Software Center" to open up the SCCM Software Center. If the shortcut is not there you can go to Start > Microsoft System Center > Configuration Manager > Software Center.

In the "Applications" tab you will find software that has been made available to the device or the user using the device and is not installed. To install a piece of software, select it and click Install.

If the software that you wish to install is not available to you please submit an IT helpdesk ticket. If it is appropriate and there are licences available we may be able to allow you to install it using this method

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